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Our representation program

We have introduced additional bonuses for our partners, now you can receive a fixed reward for attracted investors:

  • - $5,000 direct active referrals: $250 bonus
  • - $25,000 direct active referrals: $1,000 bonus
  • - $50,000 direct active referrals: $2,500 bonus
  • - $100,000 direct active referrals: $7,500 bonus

Also, for the most active partners, we can create a special promo page on our subdomain with your referral link, for example: Check

Earn more with an affiliate and representative program. You can always significantly increase the income received from inviting new investors to the company. Unlike a standard affiliate program, which has three levels of affiliate structure, a representative program allows you to create your own affiliate structure at 5 levels with higher profitability. Thus, you will receive the status of a company representative, you can receive a total of up to 14.5% of the basic investment of your referrals.

If you are a representative of the company, then for the investments of your level 1 partners you will receive 8% of the principal amount of investments, level 2 partners will bring you 4% of their investments, and for the investments of level 3 partners you will receive 1% of each such investment, for partners 4 levels you get 1% and from 5 level you get 0.5%. If you are ready to work hard and hard, promoting the investment process of Drones Cash among your friends and acquaintances, then in the very near future you will be rewarded for your efforts with generous partner rewards from our company.

Referral Commission

  • 5 %

  • 3 %

  • 1 %

Representative Commission

  • 8 %

  • 4 %

  • 1 %

  • 1 %

  • 0.5 %

  • 0.5 %

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